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Tower Erector

Who should attend:

Any person that requires the knowledge and skills to erect a tower safely.

Any person that requires the knowledge and skills to erect a tower safely.

Entry Requirements:

  • Copy of identification document/passport.
  • Be in possession of a valid medical fitness certificate (SA only).
  • Copy of a valid Fall Arrest and Basic Rescue US229998 & US229995 / FABR International certificate.
  • Copy of a valid Rope Rigging US14706 / Rope Rigging International certificate.
  • Copy of a valid Mechanical Lifting US253582 / Mechanical Lifting International certificate.
  • Safety shoes.
  • Learners must have basic numeric literacy and be able to understand, read and write English (special needs candidates can be accommodated on request).

Price per Person:

R 7 880. 00 (Incl. VAT)


Days: 5

Candidates Allowed per Group:

Minimum: 8
Maximum: 12

*Please communicate preferred group sizes to the relevant bookings personnel as some clients may require smaller groups. Please be aware that smaller group sizes may affect your course price.

Course Specifics:

Erect telecommunications towers by reading technical drawings and using manual lifting equipment, hoists, leveling equipment and a gin pole. Includes pre-assembly and installation procedures.

Certificate valid for 3 years.

Designation: Tower Erector / Assistant Tower Erector


Theoretical Knowledge:

  1. Introduction to tower erection.
  2. Different types of towers.
  3. Identification of different tower components.
  4. Understanding technical drawings and how to interpret it.
  5. Understanding the requirements for site establishment.
  6. Identification and management of different types and sizes of bolts and how to measure it.
  7. Tower erection critical steps.
  8. Post assembly quality check.

Practical Skills:

  1. How to use a dumpy level correctly.
  2. Installation of the stubs and earth cables.
  3. Correct installation of the Gin pole in different configurations.
  4. Correct assembly of the tower legs, splice plates and connector plates.
  5. Correct assembly of the diagonal and horizontal bracings.
  6. Correct and safe installation of the legs.
  7. Correct and safe installation of the bracings.
  8. How to measure the squareness and plumpness of the tower.
  9. How to install cross bracing, ladders and platforms.
  10. Self-management and spatial awareness.
  11. Torqueing of bolts and inspection of the tower after completion.


  1. All training is done in accordance with local and international best practices as well as local acts and regulations. He/she has been found competent as per Occupational Health and Safety act 85 of 1993 Construction Regulations 1.
  2. Relevant standards require a minimum of 2 competent Tower Erectors (who are in possession of valid Tower Erector certificates) to be on-site at all times during any lifting process.
  3. Gravity Training can not be held responsible for any unsafe and unlawful acts or behaviour as this is the duty of the technician to ensure his/her own safety and the safety of others on the work site.
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